What Does Caucasian Mean?

Is Caucasian an actual race? Am I Caucasian just because my skin is white? What does caucasian mean?


I have theories. I have opinions. But I mostly have confusion and questions.

I just researched the word: Caucasian

The word “Caucasian” still doesn’t seem relevant to anything. The word just doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve scrolled through, researched, and read many websites that popped up on my Google when I searched for it. I’m currently in the pursuit of learning more about what it exactly means to simply be considered a caucasian. I don’t understand the logic behind its usage, perception, description, or existence.

My research was inspired and initiated while I was filling out surveys. The surveys that I take almost always ask me what my race is. I already know that I am white, but white is just a color, not a race, right? I don’t think it’s necessary or relevant to know which race I am while I’m filling out a survey. I kind of feel like I’m being categorized based on a stereotype. Why would they ask me about my race if they weren’t stereotyping? To think this way, however makes me aware that even though we’re the same, we gotta be called something, right? “I’m sorry officer, I didn’t see what he was wearing, but he looked just like everyone else in the world.” It makes no sense. None of it does.

Pumpkin Spiceee

I think some stereotypes are funny, because a lot of them are true. However, some are very harsh and I completely understand how a lot of people can be strongly offended.

Do all caucasian people enjoy pumpkin spice latte? Are caucasians offended when I call them a cracker or a honkey? I’m not offended by any of these questions, I just don’t think it really matters. I actually laugh when I’m asked. Personally, I feel as if you’re going to get upset when someone puts you in a category, then don’t do it to them. Go about your business and move on.

It’s true anyway. Most white people do enjoy a nice hot cup of pumpkin spice latte, and enjoy paying ridiculously amounts of money for it. I don’t. But who cares, most do. ..Does that mean that they should come out with sweet potato pie latte for black people? Also, was that a stereotypical, rascist question, or was it a genius idea? Maybe the coffee people are rascist because they didn’t produce it. Or maybe the coffee people were afraid they’d get accused of rascism if they DID produce it. They must be caucasian if they feel that way lol.

I understand the logic behind certain cultural marketing strategies, but culture isn’t ONLY a race or color. My boyfriend is whiter than toothpaste but his black friends tell him he got stuck with the wrong color. However, his white friends call him a “Wigger”. I hate that word almost as much as I hate the word it stems from. The word wouldn’t be considered derogatory if humans didn’t exist and distort the meaning. Either way, most of the humans that I know enjoy many of the same things.

Seinfeld buys a Cigar Store Indian for Elaine. He offended her Native American friend in the process. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_59d8d036e4b046f5ad9877ec

I’m many things. I don’t like categories. I prefer traits. If you asked me to describe myself:

I would start with my name, where I lived, where I grew up, information about my family; names, ages, genders, amount of kids, personality traits. I would then list my achievements. I would also list my goals, my favorite things, my career aspirations, my hobbies, my dislikes, things that annoy me, my opinions about certain things, talents that I possess, talents that I wish I had naturally, talents that I’d like to develop. Then, I’d move on to my education level, my degrees (if I had any lol), my dream vacation..etc. etc. etc. etc.

But, what color am I?

I don’t recall mentioning that I was caucasian. I don’t really even see the relevance. Nobody is going to read what I wrote and say “Well, based on your information, you must be a full blooded white person!” .. Will they? Maybe I’m just naive. Nowhere in there did I mention anything about pumpkin spice latte.

My race and skin color would already be at the top of the list though. Only because I’m not going to write about myself unless it’s for a school project or a job interview.

Stereotypical Stereotypes

I’m going to get really controversial and mention these things while I’m on a roll here:

  • I once knew an asian woman that didn’t drive bad at all, was very dumb, and hated math. She was surprisingly tall too. COULD IT BE!?
  • I knew a Native American Man with short hair who wasn’t very peaceful, at all. I wish he would have owned a peace pipe. He strangely enough wasn’t even named after the first thing his parents saw. His name was Don. Where’s the feathered hat, Don?
  • I also knew a black guy that hated fried chicken, wasn’t in a gang, and was allergic to watermelon. NO WAY!
  • What about the latino guy down the street that wasn’t lazy at all, didn’t illegally cross the border, and hated tacos?

Keep going? Ok.

  • The Bosnian family next door that didn’t drive a ridiculously expensive, loud, lowrider car and race down the highway, didn’t get offended by my Christmas tree (actually told me Merry Christmas), spoke perfect English, and didn’t roast goats in the backyard.
  • Also, I forgot to mention the Canadian guy that had all of his teeth, hated hockey and everything associated with it (that’s probably why he had all of his teeth.. Canadian women aren’t toothless), and he didn’t say “eh” after everything. He wasn’t fond of Maple Syrup. Man alive, I’m on a roll.
  • I once knew an Irish girl that didn’t know how to river dance, didn’t have red pigtail braids, and get this.. wasn’t an alcoholic! HOLY JESUS, is that a real thing?
  • I’m mainly of Bohemian and Italian descent, but I’m not a fortune telling mobster. I’m not a cheapskate who steals. I don’t live in a van and I’m not obsessed with Spaghetti (ok, I lied about the last one)

Non Caucasian Africans

HOLY CRAP.. I can’t believe I didn’t mention this earlier (because I’m a pothead and I forgot).. I’m not a raggae, rasta woman with dreadlocks and a multicolored beret by the way. Yes, Mon! 😁. Sorry. Anyway, there’s an awesome Alternative/Rock band that I listen to frequently. I’ve seen them in concert at least 7 times and my daughter worships them. All band members are whiter than toothpaste, but not European. The band is Seether, and guess what? They are African! That’s right! African people that aren’t Caucasian! African people that aren’t dark skinned. Non Caucasian Africans. I’d like to know which option they choose when they take surveys. 😂

To conclude, and try to prove the point I think I was trying to make, the word Caucasian is still stupid. The definition is: white-skinned; of European origin. That could be ANYBODY with white skin! I guess some people would say that Michael Jackson (God rest his soul) was almost caucasian, right? What about white people in the United States that don’t know their ancestors? Are they assumed to be of European descent? They might be white, but that doesn’t mean they’re caucasian.

Perhaps we could just all be called Homosapiens?

United Colors Of Benetton Advertisement Billboard

Photo courtesy of: https://www.the-pool.com/news-views/fashion-news/2018/16/yomi-adegoke-on-diversity-in-fashion-and-united-colors-of-benetton-s-oliviero-toscani

Can’t we all just get along? Like the kids in the “United Colors Of Benetton” billboards, from the 80’s.

Which common stereotypes are the most offensive to you? Please comment!

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